Fall 2020 Information

Fall 2020 Season Starts September 19th.

Practice & Games:

Games will be 6v6 and 7v7 (depending on age) with 60 mins of play.

There will also be one weekly practice. The game schedule will be on Saturdays - starting 9/19 with 6 regular season games through 10/24. There will be playoffs on 10/31 with the Championship being played on 11/7. In situations where teams have a "bye", we have retained Charles River Soccer to provide professional coaching to teams on those Saturdays - this will be coordinated through each coach. 

What to Wear: 

Please wear your travel shirt, if you do not have one you will need to order one.


Why not BAYS?  As a Board and on behalf of our coaches for our all-volunteer organization, we had to concede that we simply could not be confident about being able to observe and comply with the various (and variable) guidelines in the context of travelling to and from other towns with a wide variety of different players coming in contact with each other.  

So far, many towns have also withdrawn from BAYS Fall Travel season (e.g., Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge) which also factored into the decision, as this would have resulted in us travelling further to play.


There also were a number of other factors, such as timing deadlines to commit teams for registrations, uncertainty about potential exposure & liability, plus a continuing stream of updated and shifting guidance points from various authorities that all made it too confusing and uncertain to commit our players to BAYS.  Yet we know that you all love soccer as much as we do – and so we have decided to carry on as best we can under the circumstances.

No Little Kickers/Skills – We will not be in a position to hold sessions for Little Kickers (Grades K,1&2, with some pre-K); nor will we hold separate Skills sessions.  For third graders, these players will be able to play up with the In-Town League teams if they choose. We will notify them in a separate email, but please feel free to pass on the news.



IMPORTANT: We are going to need 100% compliance, cooperation, and collaboration from parents and players this season. 

To that end, we will require 

  1.  A signed attestation from every family that it has read the Mass Youth Soccer’s Return to 

Soccer Guidelines  Return to Soccer Activities Guidelines

  2. Regular signed attestations that your child is not exhibiting any symptoms of illness

  3. A signed COVID waiver/release for every player


When will documents be available to sign?: Documents will be forthcoming in a separate email, in about a week.


Playing with “Modifications” (to name a few) :We will need to implement several new procedures to help protect against spread of the COVID-19 virus.  In addition to the attestations and waivers, practices and games will be conducted and played under different conditions and modified rules that will call for physical separation/social distancing, hygiene breaks, wearing of face covering/masks, and other procedures.

Further, the rules of play for matches have been modified (e.g., no heading of ball, no corner kicks into the penalty area, limited physical contact, use of kick-in to replace a throw-in) but these will be in line with futsal type play,  

How to register for Fall 2020 In-Town? We assume that everyone who has registered for travel will want to play In-Town but know some people decided not to play because of the travel aspect. Therefore we will be sending out one last call for registration as we want any child who wants to play...to play!  Once we have the final numbers, we will make plans to start the season, which we would like to do as soon as possible.


When to Register: Registration will open tonight at 7:00pm and will close (again) September 12.

As an effort to spread a little good news during these difficult times, we will be reducing the fee for the program by $50. For those who have paid, we will work on issuing refund over the next few weeks. For those who haven't you will pay the reduced fee of $75.00


What if I don't want to play any longer: If, after reading this email, you decide that you would like to withdraw from the season, please respond to this email by Monday, August 31, 2020.  We will be creating teams (all balanced) and late drop-outs will mean other children will be impacted.


Last, We Are All Volunteers: Please be patient - we are working as diligently as possible to coordinate this but the success is based on your participation.


Please spread the word!  We can't WAIT to see children play soccer again!

Watertown Youth Soccer Board

August 28, 2020