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Coaches Corner

A good soccer coach doesn't need to be an expert in the game, they need only be conscientious, enthusiastic and determined to help their players learn in the best way they can. It is not always what coaches know about soccer, but how they present what they know that makes the difference. 


To improve the level of play of our players throughout the season, we encourage travel coaches to host practices to foster and build on their skills and get them game ready. It's important for the players to understand they, along with their coaches, are a representative of Watertown Youth Soccer, and must act respectfully and be courteous to their opponents and referees. 


Watertown Youth Soccer Coaches are encouraged to communicate on a regular basis with their team's families in regards to the team's activities, and the coach should be open to comments and constructive suggestions. 


We encourage our coaches to teach their players good sportsmanship, that when we win and when we lose we respect the other team and their efforts and we respect our own teammates and their efforts. 

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