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Watertown Youth Soccer is a parent-run organization. Many parents volunteer time in different capacities throughout the year to support all our teams.  

Here are just a few examples of what our volunteers do...

  • Registrar - Manages town registration process for in-town and travel programs. Works with program directors on teams and submitting all necessary paperwork to BAYS in a timely manner. 

  • Field Coordinator - Submits field permits for fall and spring seasons, works with BAYS and town to determine field scheduling, coordinates practice times and locations with coaches and game rescheduling. 

  • Uniform Coordinator - Works with current vendor or find new vendor to order and distribute in-town and travel uniforms. 

  • Equipment Coordinator - Audits existing equipment and order what is necessary to fix or replace needed equipment for both the fields as well as the teams. Ensures all fields are ready and equipped before each season and tends to equipment issues (nets ripped) as the seasons go on. 

  • Parents to help with equipment removal post fall season - Put nets away and store all team equipment, identify anything that needs being replaced and let the equipment manager know. 

  • Parents to help with equipment set up before spring season​ - Help get nets and equipment out of storage and set the fields up so they are ready for spring play.

To learn more or to volunteer please fill out the form or click here to sign up. 

Thank you for your interest in Watertown Youth Soccer. We will be in touch very soon to discuss volunteer opportunities and information about the organization.

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